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Sales and Marketing

Overview: We encounter salespeople and marketing professionals on a daily basis. Whether it is at a furniture store, real estate office, or flea market, these individuals are the backbone of modern business practices. They adhere to strong customer service skills, meaning they do all in their power to make a customer happy. Developing good relationships with returning customers helps salespeople to insure steady product sales.

Role: Dedication to a company is highly regarded in the sales industry, as starting at the bottom and working up to the top is certainly feasible. In sales and marketing, the goal is to coax, not force, a customer into buying a product. Effective ethical sales practices are noticed and can help a sales or marketing agent improve his or her standing in a company. All salespeople must be familiar with the product they are selling. If they are unsure of anything, the customer is automatically skeptical about buying. Having truthful confidence about a product is perhaps a salesperson's most effective tool in marketing any given product.

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