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Business Schools

December 27, 2012

Business school programs are available at both online and convenient on-campus locations. Find the business school available somewhere near you!

Technology Management

December 27, 2012

Overview: Having a solid understanding of and proven devotion to developing technological computer systems and applications is a great starting point for anyone interested in a career in technology management. The ability to trouble shoot problems with new technology while remaining dependable is helpful for developing new clients while retaining old ones.

Sales and Marketing

December 27, 2012

Overview: We encounter salespeople and marketing professionals on a daily basis. Whether it is at a furniture store, real estate office, or flea market, these individuals are the backbone of modern business practices. They adhere to strong customer service skills, meaning they do all in their power to make a customer happy. Developing good relationships with returning customers helps salespeople to insure steady product sales.

Project Management

December 27, 2012

Overview: Project management professionals must be flexible by nature in order to carry out a multitude of tasks consistently and efficiently. Clear communication skills and managerial aptitude are important qualities also, because solid directions and procedures must be explained clearly at all times.

Business MBA Degrees

December 27, 2012

The acquisition of a MBA remains one of the most challenging and comprehensive management programs with colleges and universities across the globe offering coursework in this area.

International Business

December 27, 2012

Overview: An affinity for other cultures, professionalism in foreign environments, and the ability to sell products worldwide all set the foundation for international businesspeople. This is a unique and exciting career field that is dependent upon multiple economic systems and a willingness to learn phrases in other languages.

Human Resource Management

December 27, 2012

Overview: Those employed in human resources take on a great deal of responsibility when it comes to employee services in a company. They must have a good eye for quality work, understand the needs of the company in order to hire the right people, and be aware of management practices.


December 27, 2012

Overview: More and more frequently, the world of business is becoming dominated by the electronic world. Businesspeople are almost sure to encounter hi-tech computer systems and programs vital to the commercial industry. Now is a great time to become educated in such systems for a career in e-commerce.

The role of administrative assistants has changed in technology all over the world in every professional market. With the knowledge of office automation, business administrative assistants will specialized in the responsibilities once performed by higher management. Many business administrative assistants prepare and do research,train new staff,as well as maintain new office technologies. Business Administrative are also responsible for administrative tasks and creating, storing, and handling all documents.

Overview: Accounting is a team-oriented field that is typically divided into three sub-categories: financial/tax, auditing, and management accounting. Those who are mathematically-inclined would find comfort in this field as there is a great deal of emphasis placed on analysis involving numbers, particularly statistics and profit/loss trends.